Communications Workers of America


Where to Begin

Interested in getting a real voice in your workplace? If you are, then CWA, the Communications Workers of America, can help you and your co-workers build the majority support that you will need to organize your union. Our union’s purpose is to help workers like you organize together so you will have the power to negotiate good contracts, increase your standard of living, and have a real voice in decisions about your workplace and working conditions.

CWA represents about 700,000 men and women in telecommunications, cable television and information technology; media and publishing; health care, higher education, law enforcement and public service; in the airlines, and in manufacturing.

Getting union representation is the best way to gain the advances in working conditions that you and your co-workers desire. Statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor show that unionized workers enjoy higher wages, better benefits and pensions, and have greater job security than workers who don’t have a union. In almost every industry, union workers fare better than non-union workers doing the same type of work.

Without union representation, you are an employee “at will”. This means that all of your wages, benefits and conditions of employment, including your employment itself, may be reduced, modified, or terminated by your employer at any time, and for any reason. Your employer has no legal obligation to you at all.

With a union, Federal law requires your employer to bargain with you about your compensation and working conditions including: pay, benefits, job security, health and safety, paid time off, retirement, etc… And a union contract is a legally enforceable document that will hold your employer to their word. Contract violations and unfair management decisions can be challenged through the grievance process, and if necessary, a neutral third party arbitrator.

Working under a contract will provide the stability, equality, and security in working conditions, pay, and opportunities for advancement that you deserve. You are invited to join 700,000 CWA members who have decided that being a union member is best for them, and for their loved ones who depend on them.

What’s Next

If you would like to speak with someone about how CWA can help you gain a voice at your workplace, contact CWA District 7 Administrative Director Al Kogler at (303) 770-2822 or email:

Click here to receive a free pdf copy of CWA’s 10 page booklet “Union Basics.” that contains more information on forming a union, your legal rights, and how unions help workers.