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CWA Affiliated Sites

AFA – Association of Flight Attendants – CWA 
AFL-CIO Home Page
Allied Label
CenturyLink – Telecommunications and Technologies
CLUW -“The New Online Frontline for Working Women” 
CWA Annual Convention Proceedings
CWA Constitution in English and Spanish 
CWA Cope (Political Action)
CWA News Online (Headquarters)
CWA/ITU Negotiated Pension Plan
CWA-NET (CWA US Airways Passenger Service Information)
CWA/NETT – Training Opportunities (New scholarships now available to CWA members nation-wide)
CWA National Headquarters Website
CWA Public Healthcare and Education Workers
CWA Retired Members Council 
CWA Members Speak Out On Heath Care
C&T – Comtech Web Site
Denver Colorado Newspaper Guild
DEX One Benefits Web Site 
Forms Major Library (CWA Headquarters)
Healthcare Act 
Health and Safety (Headquarters)
Human Rights, Equity and Women’s Committee
ITU/CWA Pension Fund Website
IUE/CWA Web Site
Joe Beirne Foundation’s Annual Scholarship 
Legislative/Political Web Site
Nactel Learning
National Minority Caucus of CWA 
Newspaper Guild
Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild (Local 37082)
Printing, Publishing and Media Workers Sector
Proceedings of the Annual Conventions
SPCSO (Public and Safety Officers) (Technical Workers)
Telecommunications and Communication & Technologies Websites 
Union Plus Find Union Lawyers
United Heath Care Main Site 
Unity at Verizon
UOPM (Uniform Operating Procedures Manual)
Washington Fair Trade Coalition  
Working Families Toolkit
  Labor Links
AFL-CIO National Boycott List
American Civil Liberties Union
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Bureau of Labor Statistics – News  
CEPR Social Security Benefit Calculator  
Change to Win! (Make Work Pay)  
Conducting Audits in Small Unions (Write to Congress, Current news, etc.)  
Consumer Price Index Home Page
Contact any State or Federal Officer by State or Zip Code
Electing Union Local Officers By Mail 
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
FMCS (Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service)     
Inflation Calculator (How much is your dollar worth compared to previous years?)  
IRS Forms and Publications
Jobs With Justice Home Page
Legal Information Institute (Labor Laws)
LM-30 Information Page and Form Downloads 
LM-2 Electronic Forms or Download  
LM Forms, Department of Labor Main Page  
National Labor Relations Board
Per Diem and Mileage Website
Uni Global Union
US Federal Government Agency Directory
US. Department of Labor
Labor Video Links
Announcement [02/07/2007]: Better Health Care Together
Barack Obama’s Message to CWA Members
Hillary Clinton’s Message to CWA Members
Colorado Labor Leaders on Health Care
Last Martin Luther King Speech
March to Sacramento” (UFW): 5 minutes
Seattle General Strike – 1919 Video
Senator Kennedy – Supporting EFCA
Speed Matters Video
The Milkshake Man
What Have The Unions Ever Done For Us?
Union Song – “There is Power in the Union”
  CenturyLink/Qwest Corporation
CenturyLink Co-Store (Uniforms, etc.)
CWA Retired Members Council 
CenturyLink Career Search 
CenturyLink Employee Assistance and Work/Life Services 
CenturyLink Benefits Resource Site
CenturyLink Health and Wellness Benefits Website
CenturyLink Health and Life (Benefits Enrollment) 
CenturyLink Home Page
CenturyLink Pension Site
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Human Rights Campaign Website for Domestic Partners and W2s
United Health Care
  Union Products
Frank Dolittle Union Made Products
Dotcom Printing (Union Caps, Jackets, Men’s and Women’s Shirts
Dr. Don’s Buttons (Buttons, Badges and More!)  
Grays Harbor Stamp Works (Rubber Stamps, Signs, Name Plates, Pins, Buttons, etc.  
Modern Printing  (Advertising and Printing Services)
Northland Poster (Buttons, Bumper Stickers, Notepads, Posters)  
The Union Shop (Laser/InkJet, Business, Personal and Continuous Checks, Notepads, Return Address Labels, Shirts, Mugs & More.)   
Union (Union Made Buttons, Business Cards and Badges)   
Union Jeans and Apparel Company 
Union Label and Service Trades Department  (Internet Services, Labels, Restaurants, Vehicles, etc.)   
United Sportsmen’s Alliance (Discounts on Hunting and Fishing Gear, Information on When and Where to go, etc.)  
Western Pacific Union (Long Sleeves CWA Chain Design Shirts)
  Other (Misc.)
All Area Codes (Every area code listed by state)
Black Sheep Technology (Server/Workstation/Personal Computer Remote (Onsite/Offsite) HelpDesk, Web/Database Design, Support and Hosting
How to Call (Country Codes & International Area Codes For Dialing Abroad) 
Deja (Old browser emulators.) View your sites from old browsers from the past.  Interesting! 
Driving Directions (MapQuest)
Google Earth – Driving Directions, Realistic Maps, Satellite Imagery, Terrain and 3D Buildings to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips with Zoom Capabilities. 
Inflation Calculator.  How Much is Your Dollar Worth Today?
Journalism Degrees and Programs (an extensive list of some of the top College
Newspapers on campuses today)
Lung Cancer Alliance – Dedicated to Cancer Research and Awareness (A public service geared towards helping veterans who have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma)
Mesotheliomaweb (Facts about Mesothelioma, palliative care, nutrition, and chemotherapy, as well as information on clinical trials.)  
Mesothelioma & Asbestos Cancer Resource Center   
Mesothelioma Cancer   
Mesothelioma Help Now (Help and information concerning Mesothelioma with Free Booklets) 
Mesothelioma Center at
Mesothelioma Group – Cancer and research as well as scholarships for Cancer Victims’ and Military Veterans’ Families
Information on Mesothelioma Guide (Information on Mesothelioma Causes) (Live Questions and Answers, Help, Scholarships, etc.)
Mesothelioma (Connecting Patients with Specialist Doctors and Cancer Centers)    
Newspapers around the World (Around 2000)
Operation Military Pride. (Support our Military).
“Speed Matters” – Test your Internet Connection Speed
50 States.Com – Info on all 50 State, Capitol, Location, Population, Regional Map, etc.  
State Abbreviations