Communications Workers of America

Political Action


The most important work we do at CWA is at the bargaining table, gaining better wages, working conditions and terms of employ­ment for our members. But again and again, we see how many advances made at the bargaining table can be lost through a single action of Congress or a state legislature. Virtually every day Congress and state legislatures across the country make decisions that vitally affect us-regarding telecommunications policy, taxes, social security, safety and health, the budget, pensions, our children’s schools. The list is endless.

The concerns of working families are every bit as valid as those of corporate interests. Union members know that working families have the right to be heard in the American political process. Without their voice, there would be no employer-provided health care, no minimum wage, no overtime pay, no job safety protections, and no retirement or job security.

Check out the CWA Legislative Agenda.