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The purpose of a CWA Retiree Chapter is to bring retirees into an organization for the betterment of themselves and their union.  Chapters provide retirees with a vehicle to protect and fight for issues that affect us as retirees.  Through the CWA Retiree Chapters our members are able to speak out with a united voice.

The goal of the District 7 Retiree Committee is to improve communication with our retirees and grow the membership of CWA.  To accomplish this we will work with locals to create Retiree Chapters, keep our retirees better informed on issues that affect us as seniors, disseminate information with respect to economic, social, political and all matters affecting the lives and welfare of our members.


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I’m retired — goodbye tension, hello pension!

Benefits of Lifetime Membership to CWA Retired Members’ Council

As a Lifetime Member of the Retired Members’ Council, you will stay connected to CWA through the CWA News, and (via e-mail) our weekly CWA Newsletter. You will have the opportunity to be involved in matters that directly affect you and your fellow retirees. Through the Council, you will be joining forces with active CWA members in support of the union’s goals, whether on a picket line, a phone bank or through other demonstrations of support.

Council Members are eligible to participate in the money-saving CWA Union Privilege program, (Union Plus) which provides dozens of popular services and discounts to CWA members and retirees. Additionally, you are entitled to 5 percent savings on mobile phone service through the CWA-represented AT&T Mobility. Go to switching to AT&T wireless.

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