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CWA District 7 is one of the seven geographical districts that make up Communications Workers of America, one of the largest unions in Northern America, representing 700,000 workers in public and private sector employment.

CWA District 7 has over one hundred seventy chartered Local unions, and is responsible for negotiating contracts with over one hundred fifty employers.  We represent workers in  telecommunications, state and local government, healthcare, education, newspapers and print shops, flight attendants, law enforcement, manufacturing and more. 

We are proud of the work we do.

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Which presidential candidate should CWA endorse, if any? Your union needs to hear from you.

Learn where the candidates stand and cast your vote in CWA's poll at CWAVotes.org. Cast your vote by December 10.


The CWA executive board will look at the poll results to decide whether or not to make an endorsement for president before the primary elections begin. Don’t miss your chance to be heard.

When you take the poll, we’ll collect a few pieces of information to verify your membership status. You'll get to vote if you think CWA should make an endorsement and who your top three candidates are. Then you’ll have a chance to weigh in on which issues are the most important to you.

This is an important opportunity to be heard. Do not miss it.  Please share the poll with other CWA members after you cast your vote. Click here to download a flyer.

Fight For $15 dollars an hour.

 Denver had an amazing rally, complete with social justice marching jazz band! Below are some pictures of our CWA folks. Please click on the picture for full view.

Group of Four Jason Schneider (7777), Tony Mulligan (37074), Al Kogler (D7 Staff) and Ted Hooker (D7 Staff)


         Susie McAllister and Al Kogler (D7 Staff)

Susie McAllister and Katie Romich (D7 Staff)


          Jay Boyle and Susie McAllister (D7 Staff)


Large group: TNG/ CWA 37074


Below is the Retail Sales Panel at the Mobility conference! From District 7 are from left to right Earl Fullwood, Debbie Goulet, and Ryan Skahan

(Please click on the picture for full size view)


CWA Activists at Leadership School join Community Activists to Support the Increase in the Minimum Wage in Johnson County IA.

Check out the story, "Rally celebrates one month until first of three Johnson County wage increases, on KCRG:"

Sign up!  National Monthly CWA Union Hall Call


Please click here for the Qwest Legacy CWA Logo Uniform Patch Order Form.

This is for Legacy Qwest members only as part of our 2012 bargaining.


Need answers concerning the Affordable Healthcare Act? Please click on the button below:

Affordable Healthcare Act

Questions and Answers Concerning the Affordable Healthcare Act from the National CWA 


Check out CWA Headquarters' cool videos in their multimedia section. 

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