Communications Workers of America

Women’s Committee

(In Process)

  CWA District 7 Women’s Committee  

(Download the 3 – Column Brochure) 

CWA District 7 Vice President

Brenda Roberts

CWA District 7 Staff Coordinator

Brenda Roberts

CWA District 7 Women’s Chair

Jana Smith-Carr

District 7 Women’s Committee:

Shari Wojtowicz, Local 7250
Cell #: 612-532-8372

Terri Cobb, Local 7603
Local #: 208-336-7603

Laurie Gonce, Local 7804
Local #: 253-572-7804

Mission Statement

  •  Raise issues of special concern to women.  Develop programs and strategies to address their issues.
  •  Provide support to CWA’s efforts to organize women.
  •  Press to involve women in all levels of the labor movement.
  •  Encourage, educate and prepare women to address their issues through legislative and political action.
  •  Promote and encourage women to run for elected public office and support.
  •   Encourage and support women to fight at the local, state and national level for legislation designed to improve the status of working women and their families.

Local Women’s
Duties &


  • Build a strong and effective committee which provides a valuable service to the Union and the membership which carries out the CWA Women’s Program.
  • Work cooperatively with the Local Union Executive Board and other local committees, stewards and community activists.
  • Educate the membership on the role of the Women’s Committee and issues.
  • Strengthen Labor by working with other labor and community organizations.
  • Develop new leaders through educational programs and involvement in the community.


How to Start a
Women’s Committee
In Your Local


  • Identify needs and opportunities within your local and community.Determine interest though a survey.
  • Start small: a good committee need not have lots of members, but rather ones that are committed to the cause.
  • Get the support of the leadership in your Local: show them how the committee can help get members involved in the Local.
  • Work with other locals and organizations that may be in your community working on projects of interest.
  • Partner with employers as appropriate to sponsor events at company locations such as Donate-A-Phone collection. Lunch and learn seminars, etc. Identify needs and opportunities within your local and community

Get Involved in Your Union… Make a Difference…


Work on Voter Registration and Get Out the Vote Drives 

Work on community services projects of specific interests to women:

Women’s Shelters
Breast Cancer Awareness
Literacy Programs
Donate-A-Phone Campaign
Hold Workshops on issues of importance to women such as:

Domestic Violence
Pay Equity
Family and Medical Leave Act
Women’s Health Issues


Women’s Committees

Does your Local have a Women’s Committee?

Click here to Email District 7 and let us know about your Locals Women’s Committee.