Communications Workers of America

Civil Rights – Equity Committee

(In Progress)

“Liberty and Justice for All” 

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CWA District 7 Vice President

Brenda Roberts

District 7 Equity Committee Chair

Lawrence Sandoval, CWA Staff Representative

Committee Members

Michael Lynch CWA 7800
Paul Castaneda CWA 7019
Michael Salazar CWA 7037
Cecilia Valdez CWA 7026

Celebrating differences we strive for Unity.  Through Unity our spirits are empowered.  As we carry on, through cooperation, education, and action, we reach new heights in the struggle for a balanced world.



The mission of the District 7 Equity committee is to develop and promote the CWA Civil Rights program.  Our vision is to build a union where members of all cultures, religious, sexual orientations, gender, disabilities, ages, and nationalities feel welcomed, respected, and heard; and where our leadership reflects the diversity of our membership.

The rich and moving colors of the CWA Civil Rights logo represents movement among people of all cultures.  Where everyone is lifted up, not because of the color of our skin, gender, religion or sexual orientation but because of our humanity and passion for justice.  Where worlds and communities separated, move together as one voice for a common cause.

Committee on Equity

Is a source for Civil Rights and Equity Issues in the Workplace

Duties and Responsibilities of Local COE

The duties and responsibilities of the Local COE are to:

  • Build an effective committee which provides a valuable service to the Union and the membership and carries out the CWA Civil Rights program.
  • Work cooperatively with the Local Union Executive Board and other Local committees, stewards and community activist.
  • Educate the membership on the role of the COE and current Civil Rights issues, and inform the membership on laws and protections.
  • Strengthen Labor, by working with communities, minority organizations and coalitions which aim to eliminate discrimination

History Of CWA Minorities Program Highlights…

1972 – CWA Establishes Office of Ethnic Affairs CWA established the Office of Ethnic Affairs in an effort to involve more minorities in the union and to assist active minorities to advance to all levels of the union.

1973 – CWA Executive Board Adopts Policy on Discrimination
In the simplest of terms, the policy states that there will be no discrimination due to race, color, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, national origin, handicap, or Vietnam veteran status.  The CWA Discrimination policy is printed in every CWA Constitution.

1974 – Executive Board Authorizes National Equity Committee; Adopts Program to Encourage Local COEs
The Executive Board authorized the appointment of a National Committee on Equity consisting of rank and file members from each District.  The CWA Executive Board also adopted a program to foster and encourage the creation of Local COEs.

1991 – Convention Adopts Constitutional Amendment Requiring National Committee on Equity and National Women’s Committee to report to Convention on Activities and make Recommendations

1992 – National Committee on Equity and National Women’s Committee Reports to Convention First Time

Get Involved in your Union…Make a Difference…

Aids Walk

Asian Heritage Festival

CWA Civil Rights Conference

CWA Minority Caucus

Diversity Training

Gay Pride Parade

Italian Festival


Latino Heritage Festival


Special Olympics


Does your Local have a Committee on Equity?

E-Mail CWA District 7 and let us know about your Locals’ Committee on Equity