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A PEIR Facilitator's primary role, within CenturyLink, is to provide assistance, education and awareness to employees regarding drug and alcohol abuse. In addition, they may also provide assistance in helping the employee with mental health and other related issues.  The assistance offered by PEIR Facilitators is consistent with the training developed by the Committee on Substance Abuse and may include the following activities: 

    Forming a bridge between employees and Health Care professionals that facilitates appropriate evaluation and treatment,
    Encourage adherence to a treatment plan developed by an appropriate professional,
    Assisting employees involved in treatment with matters pertaining to daily life activities,
    Participating in return to work conferences, if requested to do so by the employee.
    Participating in education/awareness activities as directed by the Committee on Substance Abuse.

PEIR Facilitators are required to exercise sound judgment and lead by example, as they fulfill these responsibilities. The following guidelines are intended to assist each Facilitator in establishing appropriate boundaries for their activities.   

    PEIR activities are initiated only at the request of the employee.
    PEIR Facilitators strictly follow the guidelines for confidentiality and all other functions, as outlined in the training program.
    PEIR Facilitators do not represent themselves as counselors or attempt to function as such.
    PEIR activities are carefully differentiated and separate from any and all grievance and/or disciplinary activities.
    PEIR Facilitator activities are in addition to the performance of their normal job duties as a CenturyLink employee.
    PEIR Facilitators on occasion, may be called away from their normal job duties to respond to a PEIR call. They are required to notify management prior to leaving, and provide timely status of their return to the workplace.
    You must stay in contact with your local PEIR network. You can connect with an experienced PEIR or a group of PEIRís in your area. If there are no PEIRís in your area, please contact Sue Head, PEIR Coordinator, for support. This must be done once a month.  

I have reviewed the PEIR Facilitator agreement. I understand what is expected of me. I understand this is a volunteer program.  I have successfully completed the training offered by the Committee on Substance Abuse. I agree to abide by the guidelines stated above as I function in the role of a PEIR Facilitator. I understand that failure to function within these guidelines and my training as PEIR Facilitator could result in removal from the PEIR Program.


_____________________________________   ______________________
PEIR Facilitator                                                                  Date


_____________________________________   _______________________
PEIR Coordinator                                                              Date  


Mike Hajek Ė CenturyLink
Co-Chair Committee on Substance Abuse


Download and sign this form by clicking here. 

Sue Head - CWA
Co Chair District 7
Committee on Substance Abuse






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