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TO: All CWA Locals Representing Members
SUBJECT: PEIR Facilitators

The following is being sent from the PEIR Program Coordinator:

This is being sent as a reminder/refresher about the PEIR (Program for Employee Information and Referral) resource that is available to employees through the Letter of Agreement regarding the Committee on Substance Abuse.

There are over 100 trained PEIR facilitators within the 14-state region.  These facilitators provide assistance and information, on a confidential basis, to employees struggling with life issues with a particular emphasis on problems with drugs and/or alcohol.  PEIR facilitators have had over 500 contacts with employees and have been available for nearly 200 consultations with unionists and managers. 

The role of the Local President is important to the success of the PEIR Program.  The unionist PEIR facilitators serve at the discretion, and with the approval, of the Local President.  The President can assist PEIR facilitators by:

Support and help in overcoming any roadblocks they may encounter in the course of providing assistance to employees
Providing an even distribution of referrals that come into the Local
Providing feedback to PEIR facilitators

Each PEIR facilitator is required to report to the PEIR Coordinator any activity they have had on a monthly basis.  They are also required to report if they have had no activity during the previous month.  These reports are very important as they reflect the needs of the employee body, as well as the effectiveness of the PEIR Program.  Failure to report activity can result in the PEIR facilitator being removed from their role.  If a PEIR facilitator becomes delinquent in their reports, a letter will notify them of their delinquency and they will be given an opportunity to bring their reports current.  No PEIR facilitator will be removed from his or her role without the Local being informed.

Help is needed from the locals in identifying areas where there is a lack of PEIR facilitators available.  Locals can assist by encouraging members to apply to be a PEIR facilitator.  The application is available by clicking here.

We want to thank all Locals for their past and continuing support of the PEIR Program.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sue Head at 602-630-2623 (Local phone) or via email at: shead@cwa7019.org


c: District 7 Staff


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