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    District 7 Site Map

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A.   CWA at a Glance

4. CWA Web Links (Local and District Web Sites)

B.   News and Events

2. Safety
i.         Safety Articles
ii         Safety Tips
iii        Safety Kid's Corner
iv        Calendar of Events
v         Safety Headquarters’ Site
                        3. National News
i.          CWA National Newsletter
ii.         CWA Newsfeed
iii.        CWA News Online
                        4.  Upcoming Meetings

            C.    Representation

1.   Airlines (AFA-CWA Web site)
2.   Manufacturing (IUE-CWA Website)
3.   Nabet (Their Web site)
4.   Public and Health Care Website
5.   The Newspaper Guild Website
6.    Public Safety Workers Website
7.    Printing, Publishing and Media
8.  Telecommunications
i.          AT&T, Avaya and Lucent (Comtech Web site)
ii.         AT&T Mobility page – Current Contracts, Forms, News, “C” Letters” (C Letters Requires log-in)
iii         Qwest Communications (Requires Log-in) EVSPP, Job Swaps, News Links to Current Yahoo Qwest News, Committees, Qwest Forms, Q letters, etc.
vi.           Dex – Dex Contracts, Forms, Dex Letters and News
vii.          Telcomm (Verizon) Verizon News, Contract and Forms
           D.   Political Action
1.    National Legislative Website
2.    CWA Political Action (Cope) Site - (Literature, forms, etc. Some area require log-in.)
3.    Contact Lawmakers (Federal and State Officials, Media, Newspapers and Radio Stations by Zip or State)   


           F.    Organize Your Workplace
                        1. Organizing News Section                       

           G.    Retiree Center – Articles pertaining to Retirees 

   H.    Local Officer Site (Requires Log-in) Local Officers only        

  1.  Local Officer Home Page
  2.  Open and Closed Grievance Reports        
  3.  Pending Arbitrations
  4.  Arbitration Awards
  5.  Grievance Forms (all Units) and info
  6   L Letters
  7.  District 7 Goals
  8   Local Officer Resources
i.                  Administrative Guidelines
ii.                 Cope Related
iii.                District 7 Meeting info
iv.                Training
v.                 Organizing
vi.                Community Action
vii.               QJD/CTEP

 9. Local Officer Lists 

        I.    Useful Links – CWA Affiliated Sites, Labor Links, Qwest Corporation Links, Union Products, Union Guides, Other , Misc. 

       J.    District 7 Contacts

1.      Help with Website
2.      Roster of all District 7 Local Listings
3.    Staff Roster

     The Civil Rights Equity and Women's Committee Web Site


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