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Retiree Health Care and Group Life Insurance Extended

The CWA, IBEW and Alcatel-Lucent have signed an agreement that extends 2004 Postretirement Medical and Dental Benefits and the Group Life Insurance Pan for Retired Employees from its current December 31, 2014 date through to December 31, 2019!

In exchange for this extension, the Unions have agreed to provide $40 million a year for 2015 and 2016 from the Taft-Harley trust which reduces the Company's subsidy by $80 million. Those who administer the fund believe this will not negatively impact our ability to subsidize this benefit in the future. This takes a tremendous burden off the shoulders of our retirees and their families.

Laura Unger
Staff Representative
CWA Telecommunications and Technologies

Lucent Healthcare Important Information

(Submitted by Steve Brumbelow, our Healthcare Coordinator)

To all Retirees:

PPO info - The PPO is much better than the TI Plan. It is a Flat rate deductible of $250 per person and the TI is 2.5% of your pension.

The deductible in the PPO is subtracted from your yearly maximum out of pocket of $1600. ($1600-$250 = $1350 balance.)

Under the TI Plan, the deductible is added to your maximum out of pocket of $1600, $1600 plus 2.5% of your pension.

There is NO NETWORK in the PPO plan. The Union negotiated so you can see any approved Medicare Provider in the entire United States. There are No Penalties for either the Provider or the Member. It is guaranteed in writing the Provider will receive the same reimbursement as under the old TI Plan.

If you retired before 3-1-1990 you are guaranteed NO Monthly Premium for life. If you do not go into the PPO, you must pay a monthly premium under the TI Plan, due to the fact the PPO is the new Union/Company negotiated Plan. This penalty is substantial and will only get bigger each and every year.

2014 the pre 3-1-90 penalty is: single, 7%, married, 14%. The Company will not subsidize a Plan with very few people in it. Over 98% of all Medicare eligible Retirees are in the PPO plan.

If you retired after 3-1-90, TI PLan rates are: single 15%, married 30%.

PPO rates per month are single 8%, married 16%.

PPO has more benefits including Silver Sneakers gym membership, and free access to hearing aids at affordable rates.

The PPO as of today, is the best plan we have had in the 22 years of my doing this job, based on the number of complaints and the number of appeals I am having to deal with.

Everyone should call the Lucent Benefits Center and ask for the Benefits at a Glance booklet, this gives them a line by line comparison of the Plans offered to them. the number is:1-888-232-4111, toll free. You can also go online and print it yourself at any time, and the website address is in the info sent to each person.

Do not forget the Prescription Plan is totally separate from the Medical Plan.

In Unity,

Steve Brumbelow
Healthcare Coordinator


CWA/Alcatel/Lucent Health Benefits Coordinators

Andrew Wambach

Phone: (800) 296-3993
Email: andrew.wamback@nokia.com

Fidelity info: (866) 429-5764

Website for Lucent union members is http://cwa-union.org/teletech/?from=comtech/company/

Benefits AON phone number is: 888-232-4111

Website: www.resources.hewitt.com/nokia 



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