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There is a New CWA-RMC Political Action Program

CWA Political Action Fund is the political action committee for the working men and women of CWA, their families and retirees.  CWA Political Action informs and mobilizes union families to encourage their participation in the political process.  Through their political action committee, CWA men and women express their voice in politics and policy issues that affect their lives.

Funded by the voluntary contributions of CWA members, their family members and retirees, CWA Political Action  provides financial contributions to worker-friendly candidates.  CWA can only use voluntary dollars to contribute to an endorsed candidate for federal office.  No union dues money of any kind can be given to a political candidate for federal office or national political party.

CWA Political Action also provides information to union families about the candidates and their positions on the issues affecting their lives.  CWA Political Action endorses candidates regardless of political party who supports working families.

The CWA Retired Members’ Council has worked out a form of “check-off” so you can continue to donate to CWA Political Action like you did before you retired.  Additionally, RMC COPE (Political Action) contributions are now part of the traditional COPE Incentive Award program.  RMC members of Triple Quorum and Presidents Club will have the same choice of gifts as active members do, but the level of giving is greatly reduced to reflect the smaller fixed income of retirees.

Contribute Today

Click here to donate online. CWA members, their family members and retirees are eligible to contribute to CWA-COPE.  If you would prefer to send us your credit card information through the mail, please click here to download a form. 

Attached is the latest RMC COPE Direct Debit form revised to ask for a void check only. The old form asked for a void check or deposit slip, but an increasing number of financial institutions are not accepting void deposit slips for direct debit.

The goal is to have on-line RMC
CWA Political Action applications in the next few months. I'll let you know when that option is on place.


Below is some helpful information as well as forms that may help with Cope (Political Action.)  This includes: how to raise money, helpful tips, and the CWA final triangle.

Helpful Information

2014 Political Action (Cope) Administrative Guidelines  
2014 Political Action (Cope) Awards Program 
The Final CWA Triangle - CWA-COPE Flyer  
Helpful Tips to Run an Effective COPE Drive  
Tips on How to Overcome "Yeah Butts...."   

How to Raise Money on COPE  

Cope Forms

Cope Credit Card Form (2011)  
Cope Credit Card Form (2011)  
Cope Direct Debit Form (2011)   

Cope Direct Debit Form (2011)  


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