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AT&T Retiree Health Care

(By Judy Fries)

Last week there was a conference call with with Mark Royse and his benefits team to discuss the latest developments on Medicare Retiree Health Exchange project that AT&T announced late last year. Mary Ellen Mazzeo and Judy Dennis were on the call with Louise Novotny for CWA. Attached is a document outlining the discussion.

There two important developments to note:

1. Aon Hewitt has been chosen as the vendor for the exchange.
2. The company will establish a Health Reimbursement Account for Medicare retirees.

The account may be used to offset costs for coverage in the Aon Hewitt exchange only.

The company has not yet determined how much it will contribute to the HRA, but its goal is to keep its 2015 costs as close as possible to its 2014 costs.

More information about the plans available in the exchange and the amounts of the HRA contribution will be forthcoming in April.

Folks responsible have apologized to the RMC Board for not including everyone in the update and we have assurances that communication will be more seamless moving forward.

Attachment - Exchange Communications 

CWA/AT&T Health Benefits Coordinator
Kim Wilburn
Phone:  (614) 868-2215
Email: kwilburn@ems.att.com

Phone Number for AT&T benefits is: 877-722-0020 

AT&T Fidelity is 800-605-4015

Website for union members is http://cwa-union.org/teletech/?from=comtech/company/



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