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CWA General Information
There are more than 1,200 chartered CWA Locals throughout the US and Canada representing members who live in over 10,000 communities.  CWA holds over 1,000 contracts that spell out wages, benefits and working conditions for its members.
CWA members are employed in telecommunications, printing and news media, public service, health care, cable television, general manufacturing, electronics, gas and electric utilities.

The Convention is the highest governing authority of the Union. CWA members elect the delegates to the Convention and those delegates elect Executive Board members every three years.
The Executive Board consists of a President, Secretary-Treasurer, and sixteen Vice Presidents. The current officers are:

Chris Shelton, CWA President
Sara Steffens, CWA Secretary-Treasurer

Eight of the Vice-Presidents are elected from CWA's geographical districts. Current Vice Presidents are:

District 1 Dennis Trainor
District 2 - 13 Ed Mooney
District 3 Richard Honeycutt
District 4 Linda Hinton
District 6 Claude Cummings
District 7 Brenda Roberts
District 9 Tom Runnion

Eight Vice-Presidents are elected from specific sectors of the Union.  The sectors represent workers from Airlines, Manufacturing, Print Industry, Newspapers , Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Public Employment.  Current Vice Presidents are:
Telecommunications and Technologies Lisa Bolton
Printing, Publishing and Media Workers Dan Wasser
The Newspaper Guild Bernie Lunzer
NABET James Joice
IUE  Jim Clark
AFA Veda Shook
Public, Healthcare, and Education Workers Brooks Sunkett     



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